Fastest known times over routes on Mount Taranaki and within Egmont National Park, New Zealand.

Most of us are happy to enjoy the Egmont National Park mountain and bush tracks at our own pace, and trampers, climbers and trail-runners have set many speed records on Mount Taranaki, Pouakai and Kaitaki.

This website salutes record holders past and present and acts as a reference, whether you want to compare a personal benchmark or set a new speed record.

The spirit of good will

Good will and honesty play an important part in maintaining the credibility of Mount Taranaki speed records though we do our best to verify times and routes before publishing. This is an ongoing project and we’re keen to add to our list of record holders and routes so contact us if you can help or have another route within Egmont National Park to throw into the mix.

To understand how to set a Mount Taranaki speed record check out the accepted rules and guidelines that have developed informally over the years.

Be safe and enjoy the park whether at a leisurely pace or in pursuit of your speed goals.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Fris Everett says:

    I would like to post my claim for a record. I went quite a long way up the mountain in just one hour. Does this beat previous records?

  2. Alistair McAlpine says:

    Hi Fris.
    We haven’t heard of anyone trying this record, but it’s a great idea. How far did you get in an hour?

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